Analyzing whole song at once

Hi, I am using fmod in a timeline-based editor program, and so when the user loads some audio, I want to analyze it for FFT and loudness data and display it in the timeline across the whole song.

As far as I understands, it seems fmod only has the ability to use the built in DSPs to get instantaneous FFT and loudness data while the audio is playing. Is there no way to use these DSPs or otherwise process data without actually playing it? Or do I need to use something like Sound:readData and then manually apply an FFT algorithm to it?

EDIT: If you downvoted, can you please explain why?

FMOD Studio is designed primarily as a real time engine, so our level metering and spectrum analysis are instantaneous (within a small block size) and are tuned for performance. To perform entire sound analysis with a high degree of quality and control we recommend that you use Sound::readData to decode the whole file to PCM and perform offline processing using an API built for that purpose.