[Android] 64-bit native library support (FMOD Support)

Hi! Our team is working in a project which record the audio from user using device microphone and
after recording it plays the sound in different modes (normal, slow, echo mode etc.).

In our project, we already have 32-bit native library support for this features. But currently we need to provide
support for 64-bit native library support as per Google Play’s latest security update.

Is it possible to provide 64-bit (FMOD) native library support for below .so libraries:

  1. fmodD
  2. fmodL
  3. fmod
  4. stlport_shared
  5. example

Thank you for your kind patience.
Could you please give us your reply regarding this.

It’s been really long time since I last developed an Android app, and now I have to make one with FMOD Studio API.
I didn’t know that FMOD Studio API still doesn’t support 64bit on Android!!
Please answer this question!!
This is very important to all the Android developers because, as OP mentioned, we can’t upload 32bit-only apps to Google Play anymore starting August due to Google’s new policy.
(Developers have to provide both 32bit and 64bit native libs within an APK)

The current ABIs supported are listed here:

  • armeabi - supported and optimized with VFPv2, requires floating point hardware.
  • armeabi-v7a - supported and optimized with VFPv2 (and NEON if detected at runtime).
  • arm64-v8a - supported and optimized with NEON.
  • x86 - supported and optimized with SSE3.
  • x86_64 - supported and optimized with SSE3.

Oh, you even had mips64!! All 64bit support was already there.
When I first saw this post I thought FMOD didn’t support but I was wrong.
Sorry and thank you!