FMOD low level api recording issue on Android

I am new to FMOD and just set it up using ndk build on Android. I have tried a few examples that ship with the SDK and everything else I have tried works except the record.cpp example. I would like to test recording voice through device’s microphone. When I try to run this on my android device, it shows the error "No recording devices found/plugged in! Aborting ". I have tried inserting a earphone/microphone in the Aux and also tried removing it. I have the RECORD_AUDIO permissions on the app. And I tried this example with another android device too (Pixel XL 2). Can someone please direct me as to what I need to do to get this working?

You may need to check the output mode of the device.

The Audio Track output mode currently does not support recording, please use the OpenSL output mode for this.

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