Android Lifecycle in Blueprint Project

Hey there.

I have absolutely no clues of how to suspend Fmod on Android when going back from game to home (even looking to the documentation about lifecycle).

I’m working on a 4.11 UE4 project, from binaries (don’t even ask me to work with a source project, it was a complete nightmare :slight_smile: - ) with the 1.08.04 Fmod version.

Do you have a way to do it with Blueprints? If not, how can I do with code and where? (I’m absolutely not a programmer)

Thank you so much to answer my noobish question!


That’s a good question. I’m following up with a UDN post to see if Epic are receptive to adding callbacks for the Android life cycle events. That would make it easy for us to do it automatically as a plugin.

Great! Waiting for your feedback. I need a solution quite quickly as I’ll ship this game on Android next week :slight_smile:
It is a free app with no add so I believe I don’t need a license?

You don’t need a license if you don’t receive any revenue from the app (directly or indirectly). You would be covered by the EULA.

Great. Thanks for this.

The next patch release will have MixerSuspend and MixerResume accessable from Blueprint, which can be triggered from the UE4 Application Lifecycle Component.

If you need to call these functions before the next patch release they can be called from C++, or alternatively the new FMODBlueprintStatics .h and .cpp can be obtained from and the plugin can be rebuilt.

Would it be possible easily for me to use this future patch version with the 4.11 Unreal version?
Thanks Geoff.

Yes but you’ll need to rebuild the plugin. The steps to do that are listed at the bottom of this page: