Deploying on Android

(Geoff Carlton) #1

Here is the information on how to deploy on Android platforms with UE4 version 4.7.

(Albino) #2

This works well for me if I drag and drop an FMOD event into the scene.

However I can’t seem to fire it from blueprints. It works in the mobile and PC simulator but not in Note4.

Is it possible to fire spatialized sounds from Blueprints?

(Geoff Carlton) #3

That seems unusual. When you mean it doesn’t work do you mean that you don’t hear any sound? Have you tried connecting the Studio profiler and seeing what happens?

(Albino) #4

It seems like I can add comments in this forum again.
Yes - No sound when played from blueprints on the Note4.
I changed to use Play Event Attached which was recommended elsewhere here - But still doesn’t work. Haven’t heard of the studio profiler. I’ll look into it.

I do see the following in the logs:
Warning: …/android/src/fmod_os_misc.cpp(900) - dlopen failed: library “” not found

But no warnings for The instructions said either is fine?

(Albino) #5

I connected the profiler to the game running on the Note4. Recorded a session performing the action that calls the blueprint that calls Play Event Attached which works on PC. No events appeared in the profiler. The event I dragged and dropped into the editor appeared. Additionally, the event not firing on the Note4 appears in the profiler when profiling the PC.

(Albino) #6


You have to add an FMODAudio object to the blueprint class.
You cannot select an event from Play Event Attached.

(Geoff Carlton) #7

The latest version of our integration should have Android working “out of the box”.

See the Android section in our deployment notes:

See this Q/A for more info: