IOS summon control center cause fmod to stop playing events.

(Amirhussein Seyghalkar) #1

when im in the game (iphone) everything is ok and fmod events are playing good, but when i summon Control Center to changing something like screen brightness or … and come back to game, events will stop playing .

(Mathew Block) #2

Can you verify you have set up the handling for interruptions based on the information in the documentation?

(Amirhussein Seyghalkar) #3

Oh, I didn’t setup, but i will. Thank you . By the way my project is based on blueprint, and im not so good in c++ , can you please tell me how to use that code for interruptions in my project ?

(Mathew Block) #4

Unfortunately I’m not familiar with the UE4 callback system, it’s possible they wrap the interruption callbacks allowing you to call System::mixerSuspend and System::mixerResume directly. Otherwise you’ll need to register the native callbacks yourself in code like the docs describe.

(Mathew Block) #5

I’ve been informed we have already exposed MixerSuspend and MixerResume to Blueprints, so it should be possible to hook them up to UE4 events without code.

(Amirhussein Seyghalkar) #6

Oh, thank you so much,