Animation attached sounds not playing in build?

I’ve finished making a demo for SFX designs I’m trying out, but whenever I build the project, certain FMOD sounds are not being played. Specifically none of the sounds that I’ve attached to be played during running animations are not being played. The weirdest thing is that all of the ambient sounds are being played, but none of the player-triggered noises are played.

In the UE4 editor, all of the sounds are played crystal clear exactly as intended. So I know it has to be a problem with building. I did a debug test and the built game is registering that the animNotify events for sound are being triggered, yet not even the sound of footsteps are being played. What am I doing wrong and where do I even start to look for a solution?

OS: Windows 10
Engine: Unreal Engine 4 V4.25
FMOD Version: 2.01.07

Have you tried connecting the FMOD Studio Profiler to your game to see whether the events are being triggered?

I’m experiencing this too. Using the Play FMOD event plays well on editor and animation previewer but not on packaged or standalone.

Also the AnimNotify_PlayFMODEvent crashes even on a fresh new project…

Making my own notify to make it play on the notify itself doesn’t work either.

Something that works is making a notify that access the player (or maybe any element on the world?) and play the event from there. Maybe it’s waiting for a world context.

Using 4.26.1.

Follow up on this issue. This fixes the problem. It seems that the AnimNotifies (and animations and montages themselves) are loaded too early, even before FMOD events are valid. Maybe loading the Bank on the earliest stages of the game fixes this

Thanks very much for all that information, I have been able to reproduce it here and have made a task to look into this further. We won’t be able to get this in for the upcoming release but hopefully the following one.