Sounds Missing on UE4 Build


I’m having an issue regarding the sounds after getting a build done from UE4. In the editor sounds in the level are working but when I get the build they are just gone, I know that there are innumerable options of what’s causing this but, are there some options I could or should check out that might be causing this issue right off the bat? I don’t know, like a go-to or something that I can check if it is something from FMOD itself or if it is a problem of the integration between FMOD and UE4, I don’t know.

I’ll really appreciate the help you guys can provide.

PD: FMOD version is 2.00.10 and UE4 is 4.25.3. the project I’m trying to get this working was migrated from a previous version of UE4 (I think it was 4.20 or so) to the latest as well as the FMOD version (version 1.10 if I’m right) of the project.

Are you getting any errors or warnings in the logs?

Hi Cameron,

Thanks for the reply first of all, answering your question, there are some warnings but as far as I saw, there are none sound related, I’ll add the build log for you to check it out. The thing is that they are also getting lost in the engine when played from the starting point as you would in the build. Starting the game from some other point the sounds work as they should.

There is a function that stops the sounds whenever there’s a change between levels but I don’t think this is the issue here. Other than that in terms of global controls and the pause menu or returning to the main menu, there is nothing else and in those states the sounds work as they should, at least the ones that work. Character, environment background and music are not being affected by this issue, all sounds have their respective references taking into account that the engine version was updated and loosing references might happened, so in theory everything should be working.

I hope the log gives you some if not all the info you need, if you need something else please let me know. One last thing to add is that in the build this issue is more prominent so I assume this extends to all platforms the build is going to be done.

Have a great day


BuildLog.txt (1.3 MB)

You could also try connecting the Studio Profiler, it can help debug things like this by showing you everything that gets loaded, created and played.

I have similar problem. References to sounds are null-ed in Blueprints (events are directly set in for exmaple in PlayEvent2D) in cooked builds…

This could be caused by the issue where blueprints are serialized from disk too early, before any plugins are loaded.

Thanks! I’ve fixed it without above hack by moving plugin loading earlier

		"Name": "FMODStudio",
		"Type": "CookedOnly",
		"LoadingPhase": "PreEarlyLoadingScreen"

Ignore above, now FmodSettings are not loading for some reason… I had to go back to “PreLoadingScreen”
and call IFMODStudioModule::Get(); somewhere early.