Any FMOD/Unity Tutorials that are not Outdated?

Hello! Any one knows of any tutorials that are not out of date? I tried following the Survival Shooter tutorial videos but I got stuck on video 3 because it’s outdated and I’m at a point where I don’t have the knowledge to find a workaround so I’m just stuck.

Have you tried the Karting Microgame tutorial linked to by our website’s learning page? It was written more recently than the Survival Shooter tutorial.

What is it you’re trying to do that you’re having trouble with in recent versions of FMOD Studio and Unity?

Hey Joseph. I’ve already completed the Karting Microgame tutorial, I didn’t find any issues with that one.

I was following the FMOD survival shooter tutorial but once I got to video 3 ( around minute 9, I couldn’t continue following the steps because there’s a ‘MusicSystem’ game object used by the tutorial that I don’t have (I’m using the version of Survival Shooter provided by fmod here

If I’m interpreting that tutorial’s voiceover correctly, creating the MusicSystem game object that references MusicControl is part of the tutorial. Have you tried adding the public MusicControl musicSystem line to the appropriate place in the PlayerHealth script, as seen nine minutes and twelve seconds into that video?

Yes, the line is in the PlayerHealth script. I’m not an expert but I don’t think that is what creates the game object.

I managed to fix the problem. The Survival Shooter version in the FMOD learning page doesn’t contain the MusicSystem object but there’s a BackgroundMusic object that can be used instead. However, that requires changing the code a bit since now PlayerHealth will be using BackgroundMusic instead of MusicSystem.