Confused getting started with FMOD 2.1 (or 2.2)

I’m new to FMOD and looking to get going using it in Unity.

I’ve followed the Kart tutorial, but in searching for tutorials to extend my knowledge further, they all seem outdated and use different syntax, so I’m confused.

In the Kart tutorial, it says to add a FMOD Studio Event Emitter component and to use

var emitter = GetComponent<FMODUnity.StudioEventEmitter>();
emitter.SetParameter("RPM", effectiveRPM);

and elsewhere I see I can play a sound from code with


However when I look at other tutorials on the FMOD site (e.g. Survival Shooter or Celeste), I can see these were created for very old versions of Unity, and the projects are no longer available… making the tutorials impossible to follow along. These suggest the following code (and I see this same code in other tutorials on YouTube as recent as 2 years old).

FMODUnity.RuntimeManager.PlayOneShot("event:/my-event-here", transform.position);

Is this current valid code? Is it recommended or should I avoid this?

In short… where can I look for up-to-date tutorials to learn more than is covered in the Kart tutorial? For 2.1 (or maybe even 2.2)?

The Kart tutorial is at present the only tutorial that’s been updated to FMOD Studio version 2.01. (We’re working on updating it to version 2.02 currently.)

You are mistaken. Both the surivival shooter project and the Celeste FMOD Studio project are both available from our downloads page. However, as you have noted, they are both designed for older versions of FMOD Studio and the FMOD Studio Unity integration, and so include some content that would have been achieved differently in more recent versions.

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As the Kart tutorial only covers a limited use case, are there any tutorials you can recommend elsewhere on the web / YouTube, where I can learn more about FMOD for version 2.X?

It seems you’re specifically looking to FMOD Unity integration tutorials, which, as you found out, are often a bit outdated. However, if you’re looking for ressources to learn FMOD Studio, there are several valid ones. In my opinion the most useful are the Exemples project installed with FMOD (read each event description!) and the Celeste project. Despite Celeste project has been done with an old FMOD version (1.10), FMOD core concepts haven’t really change since then, hence is still valuable.

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Certainly, the FMOD team does need to work more on meaningful tutorials for those who would like to learn FMOD. Having said that, I can add to Alcibiade that the best way forward to me is always to work on some real (even if that’s really basic stuff) projects. Karting, V Village, etc. are great examples. Also you can find some tutorials on Youtube, but then again, those will become more useful when you have specific tasks at hand or problems to solve.