Since Unity Hub 3.0 Karting Tutorial is now very difficult to download/run

The steps in the FMOD Integration Tutorial no longer work for downloading the Karting Microgame, since Unity Hub 3.0 has changed the way things work.

It took some hunting, but I was able to finally find the Karting Microgame, it’s now on the Asset Store here: Karting Microgame | Templates | Unity Asset Store

If you add it to your assets, you can then make a new project and find it in the My Assets section of the Package Manager, from where you can download and import it.

I hope this was just a side-effect of the new Unity Hub changes, but maybe they’re moving towards shelving this tutorial project? Either way, it might be helpful to update the documentation to help folks find the Karting assets, or perhaps even the whole tutorial to make it use a more recent version of Unity.

The version of Unity that the FMOD tutorial uses (2019.3.13) is no longer supported by the Karting Microgame (min version 2020.3.17), and trying to run it in 2019 will just result in compiler errors. I’m struggling to get it working at all even in a newer version of Unity though.

Thank you for bringing this to our attentions. It seems a few things have changed a lot with various Unity updates since the tutorial was created. We are now updating the tutorial to match the current state of Unity Hub.

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