Support for UE5 preview

Hi everyone,

I wasn’t sure whether to post this question here or the “Other” section since this isn’t strictly related to UE4 integration. But here goes.

Is there any information on the possibility of FMOD supporting integration with UE5 during its preview phase next year?

Our team is considering on transitioning to UE5 as soon as the preview becomes available, but this might turn pretty laborious if we need to rebuild all our audio systems without fmod.
If the preview period was shorter this likely would’t be an issue, but it seems that UE5 will stay in preview for the majority of 2021. This would pretty much prevent us from doing any audio implementation work until the official release of UE5 and fmod integration.

So i’m left wondering what plans does FMOD regarding this. Will they only support UE4 until the official release of UE5 or would it be possible to support integration during the extended preview phase?



It’s hard to make statements on what our support for UE5 will look like and when it will be available as there is little information from Epic regarding their roadmap at this stage. The best I can offer right now is an expression of interest in us supporting UE5 prior to official release. Assuming that UE5 will largely be an evolution of UE4 rather than a revolution, we should be able to migrate across to it as we do for incremental UE4 releases. We’d be looking to support milestone preview releases when they occur depending on stability of the platform.

I hope that gives some insight into our thoughts, we’ll be able to share more as Epic details their plans and previews become available.


Hi Mathew and thanks for the reply!

I understand that it is difficult to say for sure since there is so limited information on UE5 at this point. However it’s good to hear that you have interest in supporting the preview.