Any way to create transitions between different events?

Hi all,

Once again I turn to your wisdom. Is there any way of transitioning or creating a transition timeline between different events? This would be used to make specific transitions between different music tracks. Let’s say I have an event called “Music_01” and another called “Music_02”, would it be possible for me to move from Music_01 to Music_02 with a specific transition or at least on the beat?

Thanks in advance!


If you want to transition from one piece of music to another, the best option is to put both pieces of music into the same event, and use logic markers, trigger conditions, or parameters to switch between them. Events are designed specifically to support this kind of complex dynamic audio behavior, so don’t hesitate to use them for that purpose.

That being said, if you really do for some reason want to put your music into separate events, there are a few ways to do it: Event instruments allow events to create instances of other events whose outputs are routed into the track containing the instrument, command instruments can start and stop instances of events that route into the mixer, and transceiver effects allow you to send audio from some event instances to others. Just pick whichever best fits your project’s requirements.

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Thanks Joseph! This does clarify some things for me!

One question though: would you say it’s feasible to use the same event to have most of the music of the game? Let’s say we have an open world with like 10 music tracks for different areas, and each music have different intensities and vertical and horizontal mixes for different moments in the game, should put them all directly into that event or do you think it’s better if I put each of them in their own event and make them nested events inside of the main event? the second option seems more organized, is that correct?

Thanks again for the help!

That depends on the requirements of the game and music involved, and the resource budget available to you on each of your target platforms.