Transitioning smoothly between separate musical events.

Just wondering if it was possible to transition between two separate musical events via a crossfade or at the very least by fading one out and the other in after (something easily achieved in Designer by setting the Fade In and Fade Out times appropriately).

Would be great if musically, events would behave similarly to the musical "themes"of designer past (minus the bugs :wink: where music could fade in/out between events with rules that controlled them. I realize most of what was there can now be controlled by setting music up on the same timeline but setting dozens of music pieces spread out amongst multiple tracks could get cumbersome and confusing. Besides what happens in cases where music has to be separated due to DLC? How would one fade between the new DLC music events and the existing game music events?

Hi Jason,

You can achieve fading in/out by putting a AHDSR on the master volume of your music events. We don’t have a way to beat sync these up at the moment, however this is something on our TODO.

In the future, internal event snapshot will make fading in/out tracks within an event much easier. Also on our TODO.

Let us know if you’d like any of these features prioritized.

I would love to see the music functionality prioritized. As it is right now I’m having to use lots of workarounds by writing the transitions and using nesting events. Not sure how that will work out though.

I would really like the ability to have a user defined pre-roll section which would play from the Transition To marker before leaving the Transition From music allowing them to temporarily overlap in a tempo synched manner. (Perhaps that is what the “double clicking on the transition marker” is going to be for?)

Thanks, I’ll try out the AHDSR mod.

By “beat sync these up” do you mean the ability to utilize AHDSR’s on a per sound region basis within an event? An internal “snapshot” sounds like it could get quite complex. What I’d love is the ability to fade out a sound region coming out of a transition. The ability to fade one sound down after the other starts playing on a transitional jump would be immensely useful not just for music but for general implementation. I’d love to have a sound playing, jump to another sound on the timeline and allow the initial sound fade out underneath the new one.