AssetLookUp Changed when I open Editor

Hi, I’m using UE4.27 and FMOD-intergration-Unreal 2.02.10.
And my Source Control is SVN and it’s version is

When I open Unreal Editor, AssetLookUp.uasset is changed.
I find some Log in OutputLog, I hope it’s useful.

Thank you for your help first.

Thanks for reporting this, it is something we are aware of and are looking into.

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I meet some trouble with this.
When I open Editor, it while change AssetLookup.uasset and BankLookup.uasset and everything is perfect.
But when i package project, AssetLookup.uasset and BankLookup.uasset are not changed, it works wrong. Some Event not found.
So what happened? Why files not changed by Editor cannot find some Event Path?

The lookup files should be rebuilt when the banks are modified.

Are you packaging from the editor or command line?

Can you share your output logs at all?

I’m sorry I reply so late. Happy Lunar Year.
We have solved this problem.
When FMOD starts, it will automatically decompress the resources and will be modified to the AssetLookup file.