Multi-instrument loop set to random. How to keep it on the same sound for multiple loops before randomizing?

I have a Multi-instrument with different musical loops, set to randomize. I have a parameter that activates it, then it loops until the parameter deactivates it.

My issue is that if the multi-instrument is activated towards the end of the loop, it plays the end of the previous loop then randomizes into the next one, but I want it to stay on the same sound, looping, until the multi-instrument has been deactivated, then activated again.

I’ve set each sound in the multi instrument to loop infinitely, but it still randomizes as soon as it’s played once.

How do I keep it on the same sound for multiple loops before randomizing, or until I’ve triggered it off and back on again with the parameter?

Thanks so much!

Looking at your screenshot, I can see that the multi instrument is set to synchronous. Synchronous instruments are untriggered and retriggered whenever the playback position passes through a transition (including the one that happens at the end of a loop region), which is why you’re getting the behavior you’ve described.

The simplest way to get the behavior you want is probably to set the instrument to async, which will ensure the instrument isn’t untriggered on transition unless the transition involves moving the playback position off the instrument or a transition timeline.

If setting the instrument to asychronous isn’t appropriate in this case, you might need to do something more complex to allow it to remain triggered while looping, such as stretching out the instrument and loop region to several times their current length - but hopefully it won’t come to that.

hey joseph. thanks for the reply,

Yeah, I tried async and that works, but it doesn’t start the loop at the right time :'(.

The loop can be triggered at any point and need’s to align with the rest of the music

In that case, I can think of two possible solutions.

The first would be to remove the instrument’s trigger conditions so that it always plays, and instead automate its volume such that it’s silent when you don’t want it to play. This would be easy to implement, but would not be compatible with quantization if you’re using that.

The second would be to stretch the instrument and loop region out to several times their current length. This will ensure the instrument’s associated sample plays repeatedly without the parent instrument being retriggered - until the end of the loop region, when retriggering will occur.

If neither of those options is suitable, I’m afraid you’ll have to use a single instrument instead of a multi instrument.

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