AT9 on PSVita

(Tom Spilman) #1

We’re having trouble loading AT9 on PSVita. It looks like it is trying to use a bunch of different codecs and failing… including this error:

FMOD Error: - -file: e:\jk\workspace\Build__1.6rel__API_PSVita\lowlevel_api\src\fmod_codec_fsb5.cpp-line: 1134-func: CodecFSB5::openInternal-message: Cannot open AT9 as a compressed sample on this platform.

Streaming audio seems to be working fine as AT9.

(Brett Paterson) #2

AT9 hardware only allows a couple of decoders at once, so is relegated to streams only. Compressed sample playback is not available. You could use a decoder to decompress at load time, but compressed sample playback usually implies that you want to play many at once, and the PSVita hardware is not capable of that.

If you want to avoid it searching through codecs, you can use FMOD_CREATESOUNDEXINFO::suggestedsoundtype

(Tom Spilman) #3

Thanks for the response Brett.

I guess in the past when I used NGS audio library myself I manage with the limit (i think 32) and still used AT9 for non-streamed sound effects. However I can see that for FMOD that could be a difficult limitation.

So what format is recommended then for Vita? Can we use AT9 for streaming and something else for non-streaming sounds?

(Mathew Block) #4

For PS Vita we recommend you use FADPCM for compressed sound effects and AT9 for music streaming.