Attack of sound when starting game vs when changing location

I want the attack when starting a game or resuming from pause to be different from when a new triggerbox is entered. Is there an easy way to do this from within FMOD?

Could you be more specific? I can’t figure at all what you’re talking about from your description…
“attack of sound”? sound of what? “changing location”? triggerbox?

When the player spawns in the game they spawn in a triggerbox that triggers an ambience. When they go into another triggerbox another ambience should play. Now I got it set up like this, which does work for crossfading to a new ambience.


But that means that when the player enters a trigger the sound will take 20s (attack) to reach max volume, also at the start of the game, the “first” ambience that gets triggered. So I want to know how I can make it so that the first time the player spawns the attack is shorter, so there’s no silence for 20 seconds.

Hope that makes sense. Thank you!

That makes sense. It’s not possible using AHDSR. You probably should use transitions timelines instead, to achieve your cross-fades (or set them up in the game code). It may also be possible with snapshots but the setup might be a bit complex. If your musics are simple audio files, the use of programer instruments may also be an option (FMOD handles the global behavior and fades, the game code chooses the right file to play depending on the triggeebox).

Yes! This seems to do what I’m looking for. I got it set up like this now. This is one I’m going to save. Thank you!

Exactly. You could compact your 2 transition regions + the loop region to a magnet region, by the way!

Awesome :slight_smile: I’ll check it out