Multiple rooms,ambient audio with FMOD

Hi .I have multiple rooms with other sounds.
Is there any solution to this, let me explain.
Another room has another ambient music and another room has a different one and so on.
I did the steps with the other songs but it didn’t work.
Please and Thanks


Can I clarify some things?

Can you hear the ambient music of an adjacent room while you are in a different room?

What are the steps you followed?

Hopefully we can find a solution once we clear that up! Thanks

Thank you very much for replying.
I can hear the ambient sound (See A).
I enter the Church and the sound changes to the one I have assigned (See B).

I followed a tutorial…

But when making a new Trigger Volume (See C or D)
And do the same steps.
It does not recognize the other sound.
It does not change…you still hear the ambient sound.
I hope there is a solution.
I ask you please
Thank you very much.

Those pictures are perfect thank you!

I tested your blueprint and it works for me.

Is Unreal logging any errors in the console when you are entering a different trigger volume?

To turn on FMOD error logging go to Edit -> Project Settings -> Plugins -> FMOD Studio -> Advanced -> logging Level set this option to LEVEL LOG. This will print to the console if FMOD is running into any errors when the player moves out of the trigger volume.

You are welcome and thank you.
Unreal does not detect any error.
Fmod Neither activating what you have told me.

It just doesn’t work for me.

Do you have any video to help me? Please

In the most recent screenshot provided it seems you are missing the connection between the Play Event 2D - ambient and the Event instant stop. The green line in this screenshot:

That may be the issue.

Its work,thannks jejeje

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Now one last question.
How can I make so that in certain zones if I set a trigger volume I can’t hear anything (I mean ambient sound)?
I mean: In horror video games sometimes you hear music and then in certain rooms or places you hear nothing but your own footsteps.

No worries!

I believe what you are looking for is this:

This will start the ambient sound at the beginning of the Play. On entering the trigger it will stop the ambient music, on exiting it will play again. Remember that this will start the ambient music from the beginning of the audio track.

Hope this helps!

Hello, no you didn’t understand me.
What I want to do in fmod is to integrate an audio that does not have sound, so that…
There is no sound playing in certain areas.
So, I would have to make a trigger volume, right?

I have another problem, when I put another trigger volume with a different sfx in a different room, when I go there:
-The ambient sound is heard
-I hear the sound of the other room.
When I leave the trigger box, the sounds are mixed.
What can I do?

You can achieve the same effect by pausing or stopping the ambient sound rather than having an event play a silent audio file.
The above example will achieve the same as playing an audio file with no sound.

For the second problem could I get a screengrab of the blueprint you are currently using? I am a little confused about what the problem is. It may be a sound that just isn’t being appropriately referenced.

In the link is a video where I show you the problem.
The blueprint I used is the same as shown above only with 1 extra trigger volume.
Sorry for the delay, I’ve been a little busy, I always appreciate your willingness to help.

Thank you for the video!

I think I see the problem, you are moving from one internal room to another. However, the ambient sound is being restarted as you are leaving one trigger volume. One way to fix this would be to have a building trigger box that is in charge of stopping and starting the ambient sound, then having each room in charge of starting its own sound. What we want is for each trigger box to only reference one sound.
Like this diagram:

Trigger box layout

The building Blueprint will look like this:

Building Blueprint

While the room Blueprints will look like this.

Room Blueprint

Hopefully, this solves the problem! If not could I get another screen grab of the blueprint you are using to trigger the sounds?

Is the same code.

In my example blueprint:

I have Triggers set up for each room, e.g. Church, Resturant1/2. However, the Restaurant rooms do not have a reference to the ambient sound. Instead, there is a larger trigger box over the whole building that will pause and play the ambient sound when the player leaves the building.

Hi, sorry for the delay, I was updating my laptop.
How are you doing?
I’m going to try what you sent me and I’ll let you know.

I’m working with audiovolume, is that why it’s not working?