Attenuation bug (FMOD Studio 2.00.03)

It happens randomly.<
Attenuation stops working properly. Emitter is still produce sound even above attenuation’s max distance. In a sandbox. Can’t reproduce this bug. We can fix it by replacing spatializer fx. But it’s not a good solution for us.
Screenshot from diff file, healthy event to the right, not healthy event to the left

Any ideas?

We haven’t been able to reproduce this bug here, and that screenshot doesn’t contain enough information for us to for us to diagnose the issue.

Are you able to package the project via “File > Package Project…” and send it to us?

Yes, I’ll send it to you today.
Thank you for cooperation

Sorry, Joseph, problem was on our side.
Didn’t know that pan override is affecting attenuation, that was the issue.
But still, thank you, sorry for a wrong “bug” classification.
Have a nice rest rest of the day :slight_smile: