3d Events sound very weak when I stop facing them

Hello to everyone, first I am a non native English speaker so sorry If my writing is not that good, I’m making the sound of a game for an university work and I have some doubts that persist even If I already searched on the API documentation how to solve them.

The problems are with 3d events:

First, when I stop facing them, it works fine If the sound is on left or right but once is on my back gets very low I dont know if its possible to fix that, Im not meaning to remove that attenuation but may make it slightly weaker.

Second, what is the difference between Spatializer and Object Spatializer?

Third, its getting kinda hard to me to “calibrate” when the sounds can be heard, I see there is something called “Min&Max distance” how that works? Also What does it mean turning “Persistent on/off”?

I know there are a lot of questions but after 4 months making the game on C++ with own graphic engine and such now its time to make the sound get better and I thought that may a bit of help from experts could work.

Thank you all for reading and sorry for my bad English!

Your English was awesome!

Would it be possible to get a screenshot of the whole event including the Spatializer?

You can read about both options under Spatialization Options (FMOD Studio | Advanced Topics). In summary, the Spatializer is suitable for most situations and will not affect the signal chain of the track and is completely incapable of making sounds seem to come from above or below the listener. The Object Spatialzier is designed to work with Platform-specific object spatialization and will affect the tracks signal chain. While it is more accurate most platforms only support a limited number of Object Spatializers. There is more detailed information on these two in our documentation linked.

Min & Max Distances are used for calculating attenuation falloff (FMOD Studio | Event Macros). You can watch these values changing in the Sandbox (FMOD Studio | the Sandbox) if you add Event with a Spatializer on it. The Sandbox is a useful tool for testing sounds which may aid in your calibrations. Could you elaborate on what you are trying to do when calibrating?

This will keep an Event playing until is it explicitly stopped. You can read more information under FMOD Studio | Event Macros.

I hope this helps! If you have any more questions please don’t hesitate to ask!

Hello Connor!

Thank you very much for your answer you really helped me a lot I actually fixed almost all the problems with the information you provided.

The only thing remaining with problems is the volume attenuation when I have the sound behind me, I have the screenshot here.

I didnt know about the Sandbox and…wow its really useful! But sadly its so different when I put the sound ingame. Foro example for a explosion, I need a min/Max of 3/15 on Fmod Sandbox but ingame I need like 30/200. I dont know if may Im doing something wrong with the coords.

Thanks for your help!

Maybe is it related to the 5.1 configuration? For instance your stereo speakers receiving and trying to convert a 5.1 signal, or the opposite. Your event seems to output in 5.1, is it what you want?

Yeah my event (If Im not wrong) its suposed to have a 5.1 output.
But… How that can be causing problems? I mean Im using headphones to test the audio and they should be good enought to support 5.1


Might be worth checking your build options under Edit -> Preferences -> Build:

On the right of the editor is the 3D Preview (FMOD Studio | Authoring Events) which is another method of testing 3D events. If you move the listener around if the previewer do you still experience the quietness? This will help us rule out if it is happening in Studio or in your engine.

Also, have you set the 3DAttributes (FMOD API | Studio API Reference) on the event in question?

Hello Connor! Sorry for the delay answering but I was kinda busy programming the graphic engine hahaha.

Yeah I think I have the build options correct thats why I still dont understand why I have such attenuation when the sound source is right behind the listener.

An yeah I update the parameters from every 3D instance and listener every time before calling the update, also I create the events assigning 3D attributes when needed.

Thanks for your effort helping me :slight_smile:


No worries! Would it be possible to get a stripped-out copy of the game where you are experiencing this behavior with a Packaged Studio project excluding Banks and Assets to test on my side?

You can either DM those or upload them to your Profile.