Attenuation problems with 4.0 assets

The thing is, idk why but attenuation is not working properly with my 4.0 assets. Strange that everything is okay with stereo.

I have 3D event, with 4.0 asset in it, and spatializer inserted in event’s master track.
Even in a sandbox, when I’m dragging emitter far away from listener - it still sounds, with the volume of “max distance” value probably.
And it’s not the wrong attenuation curve, I’ve tried them all.
And I repeat, everything is ok with events with stereo assets in them.

Any ideas?

It was the problem with a particular instance of spatializer fx.
2.0 and 4.0 difference was not the case.

So I’ve replaced the “bad” spatializer with a spatializer from event that works well and everything is okay, for now at least.