Distance attenuation does not work


my team has a problem with the distance attenuation of our 3D sounds.
Normally the volume should decrease with further distance between the sound and the player (the player has the listener attached). But no matter how far the player is away, the volume stays the same.
Our sounds have a spatilizer with Auto envelopment and a curve falloff.

Did we miss anything inside FMOD studio or Unity?

We just place our game objects with the FMOD Event Emitter around the map. Do we have to script anything to get the distance attentuation work?

We are using Unity 2019.3.13f1 and FMOD 2.00.09.

You should be able to attach FMOD Studio to your game via Live Update and modify settings to see if it is having an effect.



You shouldn’t need to do anything else to get attenuation, are you getting any errors or warnings in the console?