Audio Bin file iteration question

I have a general workflow question/poll for everyone out there. I’m wondering how people generally deal with iteration on wave files in the Audio Bin. I large part of my day is spent outputting sounds from my DAW (ProTools), importing into the FMOD Audio Bin, listening to the sound in game, going back to ProTools to rework the sound, and then continuing this loop until Im happy in game. The issue is, once a new sound is added to the Audio Bin, the filename is changed to include the unique GUID. This makes it more difficult to then replace the file with updated content, as I have to then copy the new GUID file name, rename the file in ProTools, export the file with the new name, and then copy the file over to the FMOD Audio Bin location. It would be much easier if the GUIDs werent stored in the actual file names, but in a seperate metadata file, that way the original audio filenames could be retained, and iteration would be much easier as I could export my content directly to the Audio Bin location from the start of the process.

Any thoughts on how other people approach this workflow would be great to hear.


Wwise and Nuendo have partnered to offer a more integrated approach to sound design/game implementation…

FMOD Studio version 1.08.00 addresses the workflow issue you describe: Audio file names are now GUID-free, and the GUIDs are now stored in separate metadata files, exactly how you suggest. Great minds think alike!

Incidentally, in earlier versions of FMOD Studio, it was possible to avoid the GUIDs in file names by specifying a “shared audio source directory” instead of using the project’s internal assets folder. This option still exists in version 1.08.00, but we’ve renamed it “Assets folder (optional),” as some users found the old name misleading.


Excellent news, thanks Joseph! I was wondering what the shared audio source directory was all about, I guess I should have investigated earlier :wink: Looking forward to 1.08, we will be updating soon!

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