Replace Files on 1.08

Hello, I’m looking for on 1.08 version the feature of replace audio files like 1.07!

I’m trying to replace files with the same name directly on the folder but they missed reference inside the event! When I tried to rename files inside the project folder, FMOD creates a new audio asset without any reference and the old! Is this a bug?
When I rename a file inside a Assets Project Folder (on 1.08) the behaviour expected is the audio asset inside the project just update the name to, no?

One of the greatest features of 1.07 was replace the files, It’s very useful replace a file with other name and don’t miss any reference of this asset inside events, this is very important on large projects!
Do you plan to reintegrate this feature on 1.08?

Thank you!

To understand why FMOD Studio behaves the way you’ve observed you need to understand that FMOD Studio can’t see what your operating system is doing. It can see what files are in your projects’ assets folder, but that’s all the information it has.

For example, if you rename a file using your operating system’s interface, FMOD Studio can tell that the filename it expected to see is gone and a filename it didn’t expect to see has appeared, but it has no way of knowing why; I can’t tell whether you renamed a file or whether you deleted one file and added an new one. Similarly, if you edit an existing file or replace it with an identically-named file, FMOD Studio has no way of knowing that the file has changed, and so doesn’t know that it needs to reload the file from disk in order to play back the new version.

Fortunately, it is possible to let FMOD Studio know about changes made to files through your operating system.

If you replace an asset file on disk with an identically-named file, or edit and save an existing asset file, you can tell FMOD Studio to re-load the file and update the version of it used in events by right-clicking on the changed files in the Assets Browser to open the context-sensitive menu, then selecting the ‘Refresh’ menu item. (This feature existed in earlier versions of FMOD Studio than 1.08, but it sounds like you’re not familiar with it.)

If you want to replace an asset file with a new version that has a different file name, there’s a simple process you can follow. First, copy the new file into the appropriate location in the assets folder. Then, in the Assets Browser, multiselect both the old file and the new file, right-click on the new file to open the context-sensitive menu, and select the ‘Consolidate…’ menu item. This replaces all your project’s references to the old file with references to the new file.

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Thank you very much for the information Joseph, I would like to ask one more question and share my first impressions about the new workflow!

We’ve tested here the steps that you recommended, apparently we can consolidate only one asset per time, unless we need to replace more than one file with the same new asset, correct?

It’s very nice to manipulate files directly on the project asset folder, but just to copy and past assets with the same name, however when we need to change the name of a lot of files I believe it has worsened the workflow. But of course it’s a personal opinion, maybe when I get familiar with this workflow this opinion may change!

Do you intend to implement some feature to point the new asset with a new name directly on the context-sensitive menu? It’s slightly different compared to the actual step, but it’s a more intuitive and cleaner way to do that! (like version 1.07)

My suggestion is: Wouldn’t be nicer to drag the new asset file over the oldest one inside the audio bin and then consolidate the files?

Thank you again =)

You’re right that you can only consolidate one asset at a time. This is necessary; There is no other way for Studio to know which assets are supposed to be consolidated with which. This is extremely similar to earlier versions of FMOD Studio, where you could only replace asset files with differently-named asset files if you replaced them one at a time.

I’ve added your suggestions to our feature tracker; They’ll be discussed and potentially scheduled for development at our next quarterly roadmap meeting.


Thank you Joseph!! =)

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