Audio for Unity 5: Viking Village

Hi I’ve been going through the Audio for Unity 5: Viking Village series of demos and first of all thanks for doing this, it’s an excellent resource especially for education (in which I work) but I’m having issues.

Distance roll off does not seem to work on the Torches.

The wheel on the crane does not seem to trigger.

I’ve watched and re watched the videos and have followed instructions to the letter.

I’m on Mac 10.10.5 Unity 5.3.4f1 FMod 1.08.12 I’m loathe to change versions as a Degree exercise is pre pared for this combo. I’m locked into that for this academic year.


In regards to the roll off, in FMOD Studio make sure there is a 3D panner attached to the torch sound and then check the distance to make sure its not really large value.

As for the crane I am unsure as to why it would not be triggering, the first few things I would check are:

  • is the volume set to Trigger.
  • is the player entering the Trigger.
  • is the sound set to play OnTriggerEnter.

Thanks for that Cameron everything was A OK. I found out what the issue is. No matter how many times I’ve imported Viking Village my high level camera is always greyed out and unavailable. I am on a Mac OSX 10.10.5 FMod 10.08.12 unity int 10812v2 and Unity 5.3.4f1 personal. So I managed to get it the torches and the crane etc to work ok by attaching unity listener to FlyingRigidBodyFPSController_LowQuality. All throughout the video he always refers to high quality but it just isn’t available (greyed out) to add anything too.

i want to use this post to make other question.

If you see the tutorial of Viking Village, when Sykora explain the footsteps, he is not clear, and when you try to make the same, the script only active two surfaces, (dirt and wood), someone has fixed this, or achived make sound the other surfaces (sand, and water)


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