Audio leaking, UE4.27, multiple platforms

Version: 2.02.12
UE:4.27 plus (latest on perforce)
We are having multiples issues with leaking audio events. At first we had this (all this are events) shown on the profiler

this caused that some new events won’t sound or sound glitched (probably caused by memory limits)
Debugging a little we found out that when the glitches started the fmod playback state never changed from “FMOD_STUDIO_PLAYBACK_PLAYING”, probably because it gets created, FMOD can no longer handle it (because of memory) and it gets lost, but still occupies memory.
We also tried pre-loading all events (using “Load All SampleData” from the project settings on UE) which, ironically, seems to have fixed most of the issues(at the cost of overall memory cost, about 1gb more usage just for FMOD)
Preloading manually some events brought back the issue. (using UFMODBlueprintStatics::LoadEventSampleData(GetWorld(), fmodEvent))

Insights appreciated. We are starting to investigate if the same issue happens with 2.02.15

Events not sounding could be due to voice stealing or hitting voice limits. Crackling/glitching could be due to playing too many streams at once, and if you are leaking events that could easily be the case.

To start with, I think it would be best to get a log and see if there is anything in there about sounds loading too slowly, or the mixer struggling to keep up. Can you please tick Enable API Error Logging, set the Logging Level to “LEVEL LOG”, and upload a log to your FMOD Profile? If you can also please upload this profiler capture I will take a look for signs of leakage.