Audio becomes choppy and distorted after a few minutes of playing

Hi, we have a game with a vehicle select screen, where players can cycle through a list of cars. Each car in the list plays an Engine Sound and an Ignition One Shot when selected.

After switching through them fairly quickly for a couple of minutes, the Audio seems to crackle and is then completely broken until the game is stopped.

By broken, we mean all Audio starts chopping in and out, and appears to have a ghostly Reverb sound.

We have Profiled. but are having trouble recognising what is causing the issue.

There is no particular obvious sound on the timeline, and they have all been played before this by moving up and down the list a few times. The resources also don’t appear to look too crazy.

We are using Unity 2019.4 LTS and FMOD 2.01.10.

This profile is from PC, but the problem also seems to happen on both Android and IOS.
The breaks in the waveform is the chopping. This should be a continuous sound.

We are not really sure where to look next. Please help.
Thanks in advance.

On zooming out, I can see my resources starting to climb from around 3:15 which is where the problem started happening in this Profile:

It looks like you aren’t properly releasing events. This is causing instances to pile up and memory leaking. If you check your Unity console, you might see an error about WASAPI starvation or something similar.

At the 3:15 mark you will need to identify which events are being created and identify how they are being called. If the code is not allowing for the events to be released this is the cause. Please also check that these events haven’t accidentally been created with the “Persistent” property enabled.

If you are still having trouble, please package the event up with the Profiler Sessions folder but without the assets and DM it over to me for a closer look, thanks.