Audio not Working in Android

Hello! I’m making this post because we are trying to make a build for Quest 2 for our Unreal Game, but there seems not to be any sound coming through.

Our Engine version is 5.2.1 and we have FMODStudio Unreal Integration 2.02 installed (latest one for 5.2 from the website).

There are no sounds in game, even though the sounds work perfectly on Windows builds. We followed the steps from here and here and still nothing.

We also pulled out the log from the headset and found these lines:

[2023.12.14-15.46.36:909][  0]LogFMOD: Loading bank: ../../../DragonFederation/Content/FMOD/Mobile/
[2023.12.14-15.46.36:909][  0]LogFMOD: Loading bank: ../../../DragonFederation/Content/FMOD/Mobile/
[2023.12.14-15.46.36:959][  0]LogFMOD: Warning: ../android/src/fmod_output_aaudio.cpp(638) - Increasing buffer size to 1728 due to detected xruns

Which leads me to believe that FMOD is correctly loading the Mobile banks into the headset. However, also of note:

[2023.12.14-15.46.42:029][  0]LogFMOD: Warning: ../../src/fmod_objectlookup.h(124) - Lookup failed for WaveformResourceModel: {5de8ae1c-cce8-439c-8c69-388c00d8be2b}

[2023.12.14-15.46.42:029][  0]LogFMOD: Error: ../../src/fmod_eventmodel.cpp(446) - WaveformResourceModel (Asset) not found, this could indicate a corresponding asset bank is not currently loaded.

[2023.12.14-15.46.42:029][  0]LogFMOD: Error: ../../src/fmod_eventmodel.cpp(448) - assertion: 'resource' failed

[2023.12.14-15.46.42:029][  0]LogFMOD: Error: ../../src/fmod_asynccommand_impl.cpp(2127) - assertion: 'realInstance' failed

[2023.12.14-15.46.42:029][  0]LogFMOD: Error: ../../src/fmod_asynccommand_impl.cpp(2282) - assertion: 'realInstance' failed

Does anyone here have any advice on this? What could we possibly be missing? We’ve built our entire audio pipeline around FMOD


Are you using any plugin effects in your FMOD Studio project?

If you copy 5de8ae1c-cce8-439c-8c69-388c00d8be2b into for FMOD Studio projects search bar what is found?