Unity Integration: banks management into multiplatform projects

Hello, I’m doing some test on FMOD Studio Unity-integration plugin (Unity v.5.0.2f1, FMOD Studio v1.06.02, FMOD plugin v1.06.02 on Window 7 Pro 64bit)

I’ve a problem when switching platform in Unity: how can I manage platform-related builded banks for different platforms ?
When I import a Bank into Unity it asks me to point at the BUILD folder (not the inside folder structure that name the platform) so I suppose it will recognize the FMOD Studio platform-related folder structure
Actually when I’m on Windows the banks I see into StreamingAssets folder are the “Desktop” folder content.

But nothing happens when I switch the active platform on Unity to (let’s say) Mobile, the banks I see into StreamingAssets folder are still the PC/Windows version, even though I builded that platform into FMOD Studio

How the multiplatform environment is supposed to work into Unity?