Audio Output Plugin Android

I tried to register ayudio output with registerOutput method but i keep getting error FMOD_ERR_PLUGIN_VERSION, fmod version 2.02.14, compileSdkVersion 33

    unsigned int outputhandle;
    outputDesc.apiversion = FMOD_VERSION; = "My Output";
    outputDesc.version = 0x00010000; 
    outputDesc.getnumdrivers = GetNumDrivers; 
    outputDesc.getdriverinfo = GetDriverInfo; 
    outputDesc.init = OutputInit;
    outputDesc.start = OutputStart; 
    outputDesc.stop = OutputStop; 
    outputDesc.close = OutputClose; 
    outputDesc.update = OutputUpdate;
    outputDesc.gethandle = OutputGetHandle; 
    LOGE("fmod::EchoesSpatEngine: %s\n", "registerOutput");
    result = fmodsystem->registerOutput(&outputDesc, &outputhandle);
    if (result != FMOD_OK) {
        LOGE("fmod:: Could not set output because: %s\n", FMOD_ErrorString(result));

Maybe I have missed something in the FMOD_OUTPUT_DESCRIPTION implementation? Or should the output logging be in some special place?


I will link to the FMOD_OUTPUT_DESCRIPTION documentation which lists all its variables and their requirements: FMOD API | Plugin API Reference - Output.

In this situation, you are just missing

outputDesc.apiversion = FMOD_VERSION;
// Should be 
outputDesc.apiversion = FMOD_OUTPUT_PLUGIN_VERSION;

Hope this helps!

HI Connor_FMOD
Thanks for the answer. I fixed it and now everything works

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