Audio Sync Issues

I’m working on a Unity game using Studio Event Emitters to play tracks of audio synchronously. The audio starts with volume set to zero, and as the level progresses it unmutes layers of the track by setting volume to one. After a while it sounds like some of the audio goes out of sync, but even weirder it sounds like it resolves too?

This is the code we use to start the audio, and spatialization.

void Start()
    audioEmitter.EventInstance.setParameterByName("spatialBlend", 1.0f);

Am I doing something obviously wrong?


Could I grab some info? What version of FMOD are you using? Is it possible to get a screenshot of the event in FMOD Studio? Do the events have Async toggled?
This may help


We’re on FMOD 2.02.05. All the events have Async turned off:

We have up to around ~30 events playing at any given time, with most of those being muted at the start. It takes a little bit for the timing drift to happen.

Try enabling Async and see if that helps. An explanation for Async instruments is under FMOD Studio | Working with Instruments. If this does not help. Would it be possible to DM me a copy of your project to test on my end?