Unity Timeline audio occasionally out of sync

I have a sync problem when using Unity Timelines to sonorize cinematics.
I have a timeline with some animation tracks and a single FMOD Event Track with a single clip that contains my event. It randomly gets out of sync and I have no clue on how to tackle the problem.
Sometimes is in sync and sometimes is not. I thought it could be a framerate problem and I noticed there is a setTimelinePosition in the FMODEventPlayable script that changes the starting point to avoid having a delay on the start.
I tryed to force a setTimelinePosition every frame to validate my theory and it appears to be in sync, but of course I hear a lot of artefacts so it’s not a solution.

FMOD studio side the event is on the timeline and it look like this, and all the assets have loading type Stream.

Do you have any suggestion on how I can tackle this problem?
Thanks in advance,


The usual culprit for this kind of issue would be that your assets are set to stream. Since streamed assets are loaded piecemeal on demand, FMOD cannot guarantee sample-accurate playback - if you need exact sample-accurate playback to synchronize the assets with your Unity timeline, you’ll want to make sure that they’re not set to stream. You’ll also want to load the event’s sample data ahead of time to ensure the event instance is ready to play when needed. You can read over our documentation on Sample Data Loading for more information.

If this doesn’t resolve the issue, can I get your FMOD Studio and FMOD for Unity version numbers?