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It seems like FMOD Studio is lacking any real way to effectively mix every event independently while auditioning them simultaneously, without hooking it up directly to the game and mixing it. I’m often delivering FMOD banks to clients without the ability to test the game in the build first. The SoundCaster system within Wwise lets you play back and audition all of your sounds and essentially get a very close mix prior to delivery; I’m wondering if there is anything like this within FMOD Studio?

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It is possible to audition multiple events at a time by opening each event in a separate event editor window; Other than that, however, the only easy way to trigger large numbers of events at once is to create a temporary event that contains a whole heap of event sound reference modules. We do plan to add more bulk auditioning features in future, but for now those are the only options.

Ahh multiple event editor windows- that’s the ticket! :slight_smile: Thanks! But definitely looking forward to a bulk auditioning feature in the future. Thanks again!

I second this! I like FMOD Studio much more than Wwise, but the soundcaster in Wwise is a big plus.

2019 and still waiting :sleeping:.
Don’t get me wrong, I love FMOD, but this might be the single reason why, when I get to choose, I choose Wwise instead.

2019 and still waiting :sleeping:.

This question was posted in 2014. In April of 2015, we added the Sandbox to FMOD Studio, allowing you to audition multiple events in combination without a game, as well as support for capturing API calls within the profiler. In combination, these two features allow you to generate arbitrarily complex sequences of events that trigger and play over time in 3D space. You can then make changes to any of the events in these sequences and replay them, allowing you to head the changes in context.

If there are improvements you’d like us to make to this system, or if there are additional bulk editing features you’d like us to add to FMOD Studio, please let us know!

Ok, thank you for the reply. But first:

Never found anything about FMOD’s “Sanbox” anywhere in the web, but Sandbox, with a D.
I mention that just as a necessary correction for anyone reading this thread in the future who may be looking for this feature. Now that I know about it I am very interested and excited to try it out, so thank you.

As a suggestion, I say you guys should find a way to advertise this feature more. I’m not joking when I say that the sole existence of the Soundcaster in Wwise is one of the main reasons why I prefer it. A reliable way to test a mix in real time before integration is an essential feature to me. I never heard about Sandbox before, even now that I was actively seeking if there was a Soundcaster alike in Fmod. Navigating through various threads and forums online the general impression seems to be that Fmod simply doesn’t offer that functionality, so if you had not answered me, I would never have known. Maybe an official tutorial in FMODTV would help since as of today it seems there is no official tutorial on how to use it besides one heavily buried entry on the user manual which just says what it is without really explaining how to use it.

Thank you.

Never found anything about FMOD’s “Sanbox” anywhere in the web, but Sandbox , with a D.

Whoops! Thanks for pointing that out. I’ve corrected the typo in my post.

As a suggestion, I say you guys should find a way to advertise this feature more.

Thanks for the suggestion. I’ll bring this to the attention of our documentation and marketing teams.