Event Browser Audition - New Feature Request

Would it be possible to implement a simple audition for the Event Browser? Its a bit of a pain having to audition your events in the Editor, and then find them in the Event Browser in order to add them to another event.

Even better, do away with the Event Browser altogether and allow copy/pasting or dragging/dropping events all within the Editor window. Having to go through the Event Browser window seems like an extra unnecessary step.


When you say “allow copy/pasting or dragging/dropping events all within the Editor window”, this is possible at the moment, though you may lose focus in the Editor. Is this the problem you’re describing?

Copy/pasting an event to a track in another event does not currently seem to work for me. I’m on 1.08.04

Correct, I cant test drag/drop as you lose focus from the parent event when selecting the child event.

I’ve added your request for the ability to audition events in the Event Browser window to our feature/improvement tracker. It will be considered and potentially scheduled for development at our next quarterly roadmap meeting.

In the mean time, note that you can use the ‘open in new window’ context menu item to quickly open events in the event browser window in new event editor windows.

We’ve actually considered changing the way selection works in the event editor to allow easier referencing of events in just the way you describe. I’ll add your name to the list of people interested in this feature.


Thanks Joseph!