Automate Spatializer Bypass

Hi FMOD community!

I’m working on a team based game that I’m finding requires many duplicate events. Duplicate in the sense that each event contains the same content, but one is a 2d sound and the other uses spatialization. I would like to option to enable/disable spatialization at runtime to be able swap between a 2d and 3d sound in a single event.

I am open to other suggestions as well. Please let me know if there is a better way to accomplish a 2d/3d sound within the same event.

Have you tried automating the “mix” property in the “pan override” section of the spatializer effect? You’ll find the pan override section by clicking the disclosure triangle in the middle of the spatializer’s deck panel.

The mix property determines the extent to which the 3D panning and attenuation applied by the spatializer effect are overridden by the panning specified in the pan override section, such that a mix property value of 0% uses the spatialization applied by the spatializer effect based n the emitter’s 3D attributes, whereas a mix property of 100% instead uses the panning specified in the pan override section. By automating this property, you can change whether an event instance behaves as 2D or 3D.

Thanks a ton Joseph! That totally does exactly what I’m looking for!

Just to be sure, there is no difference between having a 100mix on the spatializer and not having the spatializer altogether right?