Automating ADSR values ?

Is it possible to automate the release value using a parameter ? I noticed it is not directly possible but is there a work around or any way to do this ?

The release value of an AHDSR modulator is not automate-able.

If you want more complex release behaviour than what the AHDSR modulator allows, you need to use automation. Unfortunately, without knowing more about what behaviour you want and why, I can’t give you more specific advice.

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Ok, thanks. I have a multisound that loops with an envelope on it. I want to change the release of this envelope based on a game parameter. Are there any work arounds for this ?

The most broadly-applicable workaround would be to automate the release of the sound module by creating it as automation on a parameter, and to control the value of that parameter in game code. There are other methods, but without knowing exactly what you’re trying to do, I can’t say whether they’d work for your situation.