ADHSR control/automation

Would it be feasible to make the ADHSR modulator controllable by an external parameter input?

Here are a couple of cases I would think of using it for:

  • Make the initial transient of an impact sound softer by increasing Attack time, to create softer impact sounds without the need for additional samples (useful for: collision sounds, especially if combined with Start Offset, to reduce clicks in case of non zero cross)
  • Make a rumble sound fade out longer, if there is a bigger/closer explosion, by increasing Release time

Currently you can do this with an array of events that have different ADHSR values, but this is not very gradual and requires a lot of redundant instancing.

We do have some some features planned that should help with things like this, but I can’t give you a precise date as to when they’ll be implemented. We’ll get there, though!

You should be able to avoid some of the redundancy by using event reference sound modules instead of event sound modules, but you’ll still need to have multiple event reference sound modules, so it’s still not a perfect solution. Again, we do want to make this better, but it’ll take us a little while to get there.