Play sound with random attack, hold and decay

I have a looping sound playing with a random start offset. Is it possible to randomize the attack, hold and decay so it plays for a random amount of time with random fade in and out times as well? I tried randomizing an ADSHR, but that did not work (seemed a bit buggy)

It doesn’t seem to be possible to randomize AHDSR (only automation) ; how did you try to do that?

I automared it with a parameter that had its value randomized :slight_smile:

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Automating the properties of an AHDSR modulator, and randomizing the values of the parameters used to automate it, should work.

Can you describe what you mean by it “seeming a bit buggy?” It seems to be working fine when I test it here.

Here’s an example: FMOD Random Hold ADSHR not working - YouTube

I am automating the hold value, but most of the times the volume just goes straight to silence instead of holding…

Thanks for reporting this issue to us. We’ve been able to reproduce the behavior you describe. It seems as if the attack, hold, and decay periods of an AHDSR modulator are sometimes skipped if at least one of those properties is automated on a parameter subject to modulation.

I’ve added this issue to our bug tracker. It will be fixed in an upcoming release of FMOD Studio.

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