Automating the tempo of an event?

Ok, here’s a good one.

I need to make sfx that can be set to match whatever tempo the current music is. I’m hoping I don’t have to have sfx in the music event.

Ideally id like to be able to have only one sfx event that changes tempo, or somehow has a parameter that can be set to change the tempo/speed of the sfx, to match the music playing.

The sfx will have a start, loop, and end, depending on the tempo of the music.

Thanks so much for any help

There is no “global timeline,” and no way to make an event instance check the value or tempo of the timeline in a different event instance. As a consequence, the only way to make a sound effect react to the tempo and timeline position of a music event is to place the trigger inside the event that contains that timeline.

In your case, the easiest option would be to create your sound effect and music as separate events, then place one or more event instruments in the music event(s) that reference the sound effect event(s). This will allow you to use the same sound effect event in multiple different music events, and will allow you to control the behavior of that sound effect by automating its parameters in the music event(s).

Ah wow, that’s a great solution. Perfect! Thanks :slight_smile: