[Resolved] Tempo marker/trigger clarification

hi all,
new to the forum, with a question about tempo that doesn’t seem to be covered in the manual.

i’m working on a project within which we’ll have a base musical track with additional sounds to be triggered in-tempo. i think i understand the basics of setting a tempo marker in the event timeline and then setting the trigger quantization delay to get triggered sounds to line up to tempo. but…

main question: what is the best method for approaching a bunch of tempo-synced events?

sub questions: should every element i want tempo synced be contained within a single event? nested events? is there any sort of global tempo control so that multiple events with tempo markers will be aligned?

thanks! also fwiw, i’m new to fmod studio and have never used designer, so assume my historical knowledge is non-existent.

Hi scntfc,

At the moment we haven’t provided a way to share the tempo across events. However, we do have plans for features that more specifically cater to this usage coming later in the year.

In the meantime, there are still ways in which you could workaround your problem, depending on your use case. For example, if you wanted some SFX event to be beat-matched to your music event, you could use an event reference (created by dragging in the SFX event from the Event Browser into your music event). You could place the SFX event on a parameter which could be used to trigger it off based on your given game logic. You could the Trigger Behavior panel to quantize it. I would advise you to use event references for this (as opposed to embedded event sounds) as this could allow you to reuse the same quantized sounds across multiple music events.

excellent, thanks for the information. i’ll give this method a go!