Automation of 3D Panning

Hi I am fairly new to FMOD so I apologise if its a dumb question but I am currently working on trying to implement bird sounds into my game and to make it more natural I would like to add an element of randomness into it by randomising the 3d panning, does anyone have tips on how to randomise its position on the x and z axis

The scatterer instrument is designed for those kind of sounds.

Thank you, just made a scatter instrument and it works better than the multi, only question I have is, how can I make all the files playback at the same speed? Some play back for the right length but some play back and once the audio has finished the playback head still goes (audio isn’t playing back at the same speed as the playback head).

I apologise if I use the wrong terminology at some points, I am in no ways a sound designer or game developer. I mainly work as a recording and mixing engineer for music so a lot of this is a little over my head.

To make all the audio files in a scatterer instrument play at the same speed,set the scatterer instrument’s “Pitch Rnd” property to 0.00. This works because the speed at which an audio file plays is a function of its speed: The higher the pitch, the higher the speed.

That being said, if the Pitch Rnd property is already set to 0.00 and you’re seeing the little white lines that animate along the waveform graphics displayed on the scatterer instrument’s trigger region move at different speeds, that’s not happening because the sound files are playing at different speeds. It’s happening because they’re different lengths: They’re all drawn at the same horizontal length to match the length of the scatterer instrument’s trigger region, but because some of them are longer (in seconds) than others, the amount of time that that horizontal distance represents varies from one sound file to the next.

Ahh that makes sense, so in order for one to play completely before the other starts I would need to add silence to the end of each audio file that is shorter than the one with the longest duration?

No. The frequency with which a scatterer instrument selects new playlist entries to play depends on the scatterer instrument’s Min & Max Spawn Interval and Spawn Rate properties, as well as on its Polyphony and Spawn Stealing properties. The length of the playlist entries is not directly related.

If you want to ensure the scatterer instrument does not begin playing a new playlist entry when it is already playing a playlist entry, you should do at least one of the following:

  • Set the scatterer instrument’s Min Spawn Interval to a value greater than the length of the longest sound file in its playlist. This ensures that the scatterer instrument waits at least that long after starting a playlist entry before it selects another one to play.
  • Set the scatterer instrument’s Polyphony property to 1, and its Spawn Stealing property to “None.” This ensures the scatterer instrument will silently fail to select a new playlist entry to play if the previously-selected playlist entry has not finished playing when the spawn interval elapses.