Randomize pitch and playback in multi sound

Hello. I am currently making an FMOD session to be implemented with a game being made in Unity. I was wondering if there is a way to have the individual sounds in a multi sound play back with a random pitch individually, rather than the multi sound as a whole. Also is there a way to set the multi sound so there is a gap between each sound being played? Thank you.

Multi sound modules aren’t designed to do what you describe.

It is possible to make them do that by using event sound modules instead of single sound modules as their playlist entries.

You might find it slightly easier to use scatterer sound modules instead of multi sound modules, though, depending on the behaviour you want to achieve.

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I have used scatterer sound modules but I saw a previous thread where you recommended to avoid them when possible due to the 3D panning that is part of the scatterer sound module.

I already made an event sound that does what I am looking for so I guess I will use that approach. Thank you for your reply.

The reason why I warned against them back then was that there was no way to turn the 3D panning off at that time. There are now ways to do that, so my old warning no longer applies.

how do you do that exactly? I messed with the min max distance setting but even on min I can hear panning on the track.

To remove all panning and attenuation from the contents of a scatterer sound module, you must ensure that its playlist entries have no defined 3D behavior. Remove the 3D panners from any event sound modules in your scatterer sound module, and any single sound modules in the playlist should be replaced by event soun modules (again, without 3D Panners).

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Incidentally, there’s a greater chance we’ll notice follow-up questions if you post them as questions or comments, rather than as answers.

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