Issue with the delay interval of the scatterer ( or any ideas on how to achieve my desired effect )

So I’m working with FMOD and I’m facing a pretty specific issue. I’m using the scatterer instrument to play a set of sounds at a given interval, but the issue is, currently the scatterer waits for the delay it gets to happen before updating the next one.
To give an example, at speed ( my var ) set at 0.01 it’ll wait 5sec for the next sound to trigger, but if I suddenly increase my speed, it’ll still wait for this set delay of 5sec to pass before playing the next sound and setting the next delay.

I would like to have the first sound to trigger at speed 0.01, and if I suddenly increment my speed, to have the delay get updated in real time so it doesn’t wait 5secs ( or the old set delay ) before updating again. Right now it basically sets the delay each time the last sound is triggered, and not in real time ( in-between the triggered sounds basically ), which messes up my sounds trigger when I increment rapidly my speed var.

Here is a pic of my setup with the scatterer:

EDIT: to be more clear I’m trying to achieve a steam train sound depending on the speed. Any other ideas on how to achieve this are welcome.

EDIT2: upon further testing I’m actually unsure if the scatterer waits for the last delay to pass to update. Yet, my sounds come with a noticeable delay, even with the DSP buffer size block decreased. I really don’t know what to do to fix this sadly. Any ideas are appreciated.


Maybe would it be better to rather code that time logic in the game code and call a simple steam event at desired frequency?

That was my initial solution, sadly, with what I’m using FMOD on, we can’t do that ( we can’t properly call the event with the desired frequency because we don’t have sub-stepping, and the sound gets to a pretty high frequency at high speed which we can’t keep up with 60fps, or at low framerate it would be really not ideal either ).

Though I just thought now while writing about maybe using both, calling it from the code for low/mid speed and using the scaterrer at really high speed, I guess this could work and it would fix the problem since the scaterrer would start at an already high frequency.

Unfortunately, I’m not aware of any other way to achieve the behavior you want in FMOD Studio than automating spawn interval, as you already are.

Are you attempting to create a repetitive sound that plays continuously in a variable-speed loop? If so, perhaps you might find more success using a looping single or multi instrument adjusted by an autopitch modulator.