Automation on ... automation point position?

I wonder if this is possible to automate the position of a certain point of a parmeter automation curve, with another parameter, or to say it more simply, change the shape of a parameter automation curve depending on another parameter value ?

What do you mean by position? Vertical position? Could you be more specific and give an exemple?

By position I mean vertical or horizontal position. in my case I have one continuous sound which is about scrapping some sand. I have a volume flat and continuous asset sand wich volume is altered by a ‚Äúvelocity‚ÄĚ parameter. The more the scrapping is fast in-game, the more the volume of the event is loud (from -inf to 0db). I have another continuous parameter ‚ÄúvolumeRange‚ÄĚ which I want to control the volume range of the ‚Äúvelocity‚ÄĚ automation (let‚Äôs say that when ‚ÄúvolumeRange‚ÄĚ = 0, ‚Äúvelocity‚ÄĚ range = -inf to 0db; and when ‚ÄúvolumeRange‚ÄĚ = 1, ‚Äúvelocity‚ÄĚ range = -6db to 0db). In this case I only want to change the vertical position of my minimum volume point, but why not being able to automate any value(x or/and y) of a point ?

You cannot do this kind of things. But in your exemple, you could maybe link your ‚Äúrange value‚ÄĚ parameter to a compressor (ratio/threshold and gain).

Yes using a compressor could work but I fear that the result may not sound as natural. I think I rather use a second identical asset synchronized to the first one, without applying it the ‚Äúvelocity parameter‚ÄĚ and fade beetwen the two assets with the ‚ÄúvolumeRange‚ÄĚ parameter. I don‚Äôt know if there is some people who would like to see a ‚Äúautomation point automation‚ÄĚ feature implemented in the future but I think it would be quite interesting.

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Good idea!