Restricting the range of automation

I have numerous controls that I am automating where the automation only uses a small fraction of the total range of the control. This results in automation tracks (or graphs on the Automation & Modulation pop-out panel) that are hard to read and adjust. You can’t really see the curves in enough detail to adjust them well.

I have been looking for an option to restrict the range of the automation to the actual values I intend to use, but my searches are coming up dry. Is there such a feature in FMOD, or any such feature planned for a future update?

As of the time of writing (January of 2021), the feature you describe is not part of FMOD Studio. I can see how this would be useful, though, so I’ll add your suggestion to our feature/improvement tracker for future development.

The closest thing would be to right-click on the automation widget in the deck, then select “Show Automation in Editor” in the context menu. This causes the automation to be displayed as a track in the event editor. Li8ke other tracks in the event editor, it can be resized vertically, meaning that you can effectively “zoom in” on the automation to facilitate fine adjustment, within certain limits.

It’s also possible to precisely adjust the positions of automation points by right-clicking on them and selecting “Edit…” from the context menu. This menu item pops up a dialogue that allows you to view and edit the automation point’s precise co-ordinates. It’s not as useful as being able to zoom in on a specific potion of the automation curve’s y-axis, but it should make tweaking the curve slightly easier.

Thank you Joseph.

This has been the way I have been dealing with it. It’s doable, but sometimes a curve in a really small range needs to be blown up to the size of the whole screen to see the curvature in a meaningful way, which means it’s hard to compare the graph to the adjacent automations.

I had missed that! That should help a bunch, thank you. It appears this works for the automation points, but you can’t right-click a curve anchor to edit it in detail. Very useful for setting up you automation points. For trying to get the curve right, I still have to zoom. So having the ability to limit the range would still be a meaningful improvement for setting curves. Though it might also be handy to be able to right-click the curve anchor to edit its height.

Thank you!