Change parameter values over time without command instruments

Is it possible to automate a parameter value over time, without code or command instruments?

I have several music tracks that I would like to “map out” with parameter changes for every single bar, but it takes an extremely long time to set up a million command instruments, so I was wondering if there’s a way to do it with some kind of automation curve on the timeline like in a DAW.

As far as I understand, the classic right-click automation on the parameter is used to change values based on another parameter. Instead, I need it to change based on the playhead position.
There are a few tempo and time signature changes, so a LFO won’t work in this case. Besides, I want to be able to control the value for each measure.

I’m guessing this is not possible, but you never know.

Do you want to always do the same action on each bar, as incrementing a parameter by the same value?
If so, doing your parameter change in the code using bar callbacks would be much simpler and automated than other methods. Though I know you said “not in the code”…

Hey Alcibiade. No, not the same action. The setup I have in mind only requires discrete changes (different for each measure and sometimes multiple times per measure), but there could be benefits with timeline automations on continuous parameters too.
I know it could be done through code, but I was hoping for a faster and more visual workflow :slight_smile:

The only other way to adjust a parameter without using automation, modulation, or code, is to use velocity. Select the parameter and add some positive velocity to make it change over time as soon as the event starts.

Thank you Richard, a useful feature but not quite what I was looking for.
You excluded automations, but that’s actually what I need. Can you confirm that there’s no way to automate a parameter value directly from the timeline?

That is true, you cannot automate a parameter by the timeline. You might be able to code something that passes the time of the event (EventInstance::getTimelinePosition()) to the parameter itself.

Great, thank you