Backwards Compatibility

Apologies if this is a stupid question but is Studio fully backwards compatible? The game I’m working on features all the audio assets from its prequel, which were obviously developed in FMod Designer. If we were to upgrade the API to Studio would all the legacy content remain intact and problem free?

And can you confirm if it’s still on for a Q2 release?


Hi - We have a .fdp importer which should be fully compatible, except for the music system part of it. We’re just adding some ‘instruments’ now that you drag onto the editor which support features that fmod designer sound definitions support - such as 3d randomization for example. Release date info in the other thread.


Any news on when the .fdp importer will be available? Is it only planned for the commercial release, or would it be possible to obtain it a bit sooner?



To clarify what Brett said, the .fdp importer is built into Studio. This means that if you have Studio, you can import .fdp files already: Select ‘Open…’ from the File menu and open the .fdp as you would an .fspro file. Later, when you save the project, Studio will prompt you to save the project in FMOD Studio project format.

Studio doesn’t support every feature that Designer did, so some projects won’t translate perfectly, but we’re working on that.

Oh, I see, thanks. I tried that first, but the program crashes every time, so I assumed that it wasn’t implemented.

can you send your fdp to There may be something about it we havent encountered yet

This bug has been fixed, and the crash shouldn’t happen in the next release.