Best practises for building FMOD Studio banks in CI

I’m trying to set up a GitHub workflow to build, test and deploy our Unity game, but I just realized that there’s no obvious way to build the banks in the server.

At the moment I’m using GameCI unity-builder, which uses chocolatey to download Unity Hub and install Unity.

What is the usual way to install an instance of the FMOD Studio executable to CI? Does FMOD maintain Docker files for this purpose, or is there a recommended way to download FMOD Studio via CLI?

Sorry, we don’t have anything like that.

After some more investigation it seems the cleanest way to do this would be create a docker image (either macOS or Windows) which includes the correct version of FMOD Studio. I can download and install the program to the docker image on my machine and upload an image to a private DockerHub repo.

The shortcoming of this approach is that I will need to recreate the image every time we update FMOD as there is no way to download a specific FMOD version. Still, better than nothing!

I’ll mark the correct solution after I try this approach out.