Workflow Optimisation for Team Collaborations

Hey Everyone

My Name is Fabio, and I am a programmer/sound designer in a small indie studio. We have used FMOD Studio in our last project FAR: Lone Sails and have been super happy with it. However, we faced some minor issues with our workflow, and I wanted to reach out to other users to find out whether we are doing things more complicated than necessary.

Our current setup looks like this: Our FMOD project is part of our Unity project and thus also managed with our version control system. Asset files are stored in a google drive folder to not blow up our repo. Our banks are also on Google Drive.

When I implement a new feature and make changes to the fmod project, I will build banks locally. As soon as i commit and push the feature to the repo, i will load my local banks to google drive, so everyone on the project gets access to the newest banks. In theory this works nicely, however, we had many occasions where the uploading didnt work properly which results in errors in my collegues editors.

How do you manage your workflow to minimize this kind of issues?


I usually keep the FMOD Studio project on my local hard drive/Google Drive and just export the banks into Unity’s Project. You can directly push the banks without manually copying the banks over. Works for me, never had a problem.

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As @alexzzen mentioned, you can use the banks that get copied into the StreamingAssets folder. You will need to change the FMOD Settings in Unity to point to the banks in the StreamingAssets folder, rather than the Studio project or it’s build folder.

If you are developing for multiple platforms and want to have all the different banks available, you could build the banks to a folder in the Unity Projects root folder (ie. next to the Assets folder). That way you can add it to source control with the project but the folder will be left out of a build. Then change the FMOD settings in Unity to point to that directory.

Hey, thanks for your insights. Once you have built new banks into your project, will you always commit the changed banks on to your repository with your source code and other assets?


If your team doesn’t have access to the Studio Project then yes you will need to add them to the repository.